The Plan

Our current plan is to take a one year sabbatical starting July 1, 2017 to sail around Vancouver Island for the summer, then do an offshore hop from Victoria to San Francisco and continue south to Baja Mexico. We’ll spend the winter/spring in the Sea of Cortez and on the West Coast of mainland Mexico, then put the boat on the hard in Mexico and fly home to regroup and jump back into regular life. We are deep in the midst of prepping Moment, learning about homeschooling, first-aid, and all the other things we think will help us pursue our dream over the next year.

* * * * * *

As always, things change. Our original plan hatched in 2014 was to take a 2-year sabbatical in 2020, when the kids are 11 and 9. We changed our plans to leave sooner than expected! The details below are for our 2020 date.


Time Line


  • Budget for Boat and Outfitting Cost = $200,000
  • Expenses = $36,000 / yr
  • Income = $1,800 / mo rental

Liquid Assets vs Time

Find more detail under the How we plan to finance our trip post.

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