The Crew

The Buchi Family
The Buchi Family

We are Steve and Shelley Buchi, from Burnaby, BC Canada. We have two kids, a 5-year-old boy and 7 year-old girl. Early in 2014, Steve came home with a 7-year detailed sailing plan to take a sabbatical and sail around the world. Like Steve, I was eager to try something other than the usual rat-race so I jumped at the chance to go along with his plan! Our original plan was to to leave in 2020 to sail south from Vancouver, down the west coast, visit family in San Francisco, then continue on to Mexico and do the puddle jump across the Pacific. After that, we had planned to go where the wind took us.

As any sailor knows, plans change. The good news is that our timeline has actually been reduced so we are actually going on July 1, 2017! We are compromising and doing a 1-year sabbatical instead of two as originally planned, but we are thrilled to heading out soon! We are also members of the Vancouver Rowing Club (Yachting section, we are not planning on rowing our boat around the World!)

The Crew

Steve – Skipper

I grew up in Prince George, which is in the interior of British Columbia and so no where near the ocean. I originally moved to the lower mainland to go to University (UBC) where I got a dual degree in Chemical Engineering with a certificate of marriage to my lovely wife.  Currently I’m working at a technology company in downtown Vancouver where I lead projects to design and commission various chemical processes around the world. Growing up so far from the sea, I didn’t get a chance to sail; however, I love the water and my parents have a lake property at Ness Lake up North where I spent many summers swimming and doing various watersports. But after my first sail experience (see Blog Post) I was hooked. Currently, I’m racing in the VRC Polar Bear Series on Corra Jane, where I work the foredeck. I’m also a chess fanatic and you can regularly find me on Monday nights at the Langley Chess Club.

Shelley – Admiral

Hi, I’m Shelley. I grew up in Abbotsford and was a figure skater and a bookworm growing up. Then I migrated to Vancouver and got a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia and now I’m a CPA, CA and work as the Director of Finance for a fabulous company in the Lower Mainland. I’m a self-proclaimed excel nerd who takes pride in a beautiful pivot table, a seamless v-lookup or dependent drop-down list. At home, I love cooking healthy food and trying new recipes. I try to eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. One of these days I’m hoping to find a recipe that both my kids like (but then I’ll probably cook it way too often and they’ll hate it after a month, right Mom?) I also love being silly with my kids and I am hoping to learn to play the guitar in the near future. My favourite activity on the boat is being at the helm and enjoying the scenery (or enjoying the lovely, moist Vancouver weather!)

Paige – Official Knot Tier

Paige’s favourite thing to do in the whole world is art. She wants to be an artist when she grows up, or maybe a dentist. She is in charge of keeping the boat spic-and-span with her handy broom and dustpan. Her favourite activities on the boat, besides tying a gazillion knots with the bitter end of the main halyard to the shrouds and lifelines, are playing “fort” in the v-berth and trying to catch her little brother with the fishing net.

Spencer – Official Watch Leader

Among Spencer’s most treasured possessions on the boat are Daddy’s binoculars (to be on the lookout for pirates) and any sharp tool he can get his hands on. He especially loves prying snaps off the wall with a screwdriver. He loves to snuggle and will take any chance he can get to get us to read him a book!


3 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. So excited for you guys that you have a plan to sail around the world. Not that I don’t like seeing you guys when you come to visit, but I am looking forward to reading about your adventures when you set sail.

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  2. Hi, just found your blog. It’s always great to read about other peoples plans to sail away. Looking forward to reading your future posts


  3. Lovely to meet you guys! What an excellent adventure you have started! Congratulation on moving forward the date as well 🙂 We are planning our escape for 2020, but not planning on coming back after a year at all, so still a lot of things to do. I hope to follow your adventures 🙂


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