The Week of the Move

The last few weeks before moving on to Moment were incredibly stressful and busy! Not just packing and getting ready, but also winding down at work and school. In hindsight, I should have taken more time off work prior to the move. Steve had taken a few days off that week, and he was getting bogged down with the ever-growing list of to-do’s.

The Countdown

Spencer, our 5 year-old, was really confused about when we were going to move onto our sailboat. He asked nearly every day if today was the day. He was getting into trouble at school, and I think it was partly related to his entire life being upended, and him not really understanding what was going to change. We had been in our townhouse in Burnaby for his entire life (nearly 10 years) – it’s all he’s known. To ease his anxiety about moving, we put up a big calendar on our fridge and made a countdown. That way, he could see at a glance how many days we had left at our house. It was incredibly helpful. His job was to mark an “X” as each day went by; this way, he became part of the process.


Dentist and Doctor Debacle

I had booked dentist and doctor’s appointments for myself and the kids to get cleanings and check-ups in the last few weeks before we went away; our dental coverage was for a cleaning every 6 months, and now was the time. Thinking it would be just a routine check-up, I didn’t bank on the kids BOTH having cavities! What is so frustrating is that they brush and floss every day…what is the point if they get cavities anyway?! In any case, they managed to fit us in the next day for Spencer’s filling, and a week later for Paige’s filling (which also happened to be the actual day we were moving on to the boat!). It also looks like Paige is going to need braces when we get back…joy!

The result of the doctor’s appointment was also unexpected – Spencer had been complaining that his foot was hurting for a few days – he wouldn’t even walk on it and was hopping everywhere (or getting us to carry him!). My Mom kept him home from school, which I was incredibly thankful for. We got x-rays, a consult from a Kinesiologist at my office, and our family doctor confirmed that Spencer has a rare bone disease called Kohler’s disease (navicular osteochondritis), which means the little bone on the top of his foot lost blood supply and died. Thankfully, it can regain blood supply and re-grow, and he is having no trouble walking (or even running) even a few weeks later, but we continue to keep a close eye on it.


We had started packing a few months before the move. Then, each time we went to the boat we would bring a little bit with us. I was pleasantly surprised how the nooks and crannies on the boat would just swallow up what we brought there. Each time we would bring more – I was optimistic that everything would fit easily. The largest load was the day of the move, and it quickly became clear to me that we were bringing a ridiculous amount of stuff. Previously, I had been quite proud of how much we downsized; but I was definitely feeling more and more uncertain as Steve hauled each bag jam-packed full of stuff onto the deck. Once all the bags were on board, it was a daunting, gigantic pile of stuff. I briefly had an urge to toss it all overboard and drive away really fast in the car, but I stayed and bit that elephant-sized pile one bite at a time. It did turn out that we brought too much. As I was finding places for everything to go, I managed to cull some of our stuff and send it up to Prince George with Steve’s parents to store. In the meantime, I found “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place.” Now, will someone please tell Steve?!

Moving Day

Paige later described moving day to be the “most stressful day” of her life. We woke up at the crack of dawn on Friday, June 30th and set to work. We finished packing up and scouring the kitchen while Steve & Spencer took a load of garbage to the dump. Then, we cleaned the garage and loaded everything that needed to go to the boat in the van. Paige and I hopped into the car and drove to the dentist for her filling. She got her filling, which was her first and very unpleasant. After lunch, we drove to the boat and loaded everything on before we splashed her from the dry dock mid-afternoon.


We started unpacking, then it was time for Paige and Steve to head back to our house to do the move-in inspection with the tenants. They took my Mom’s car (which was a godsend) and did some running around and grabbed dinner before meeting the tenants. They dropped my Mom’s car back off at her house and got a ride to the skytrain station. They took the skytrain, then the seabus, then went searching for the van that we left in the parking lot, and made it back to the marina at 10:10 pm. The Marina closes (complete with barbed-wire chain-link fence) at 10:00 pm – thankfully one of the employees was late getting the door closed and Steve and Paige pulled in as the fence was being closed. Phew!! We fell into bed late that night exhausted for our first night on Moment…holy crap…WE LIVE ON A BOAT!



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