What we’ve been up to

It’s been a while since we last posted. We have just been too busy to write blog posts but don’t worry! We haven’t given up on our dream. Far from it actually, we have made some good progress towards our goals.

I have completed the Sail Canada Celestial Navigation course (don’t worry I won’t bore you with the details as there are many good sites out there if you are interested in learning it.) I actually impressed the instructor so much he wants me to take over for him as instructor when he retires later this year. He was a bush pilot in the Canadian Arctic, where you can’t rely on compasses and have to take sightings while flying a plane. That must have been challenging! I have also been editing his instructor manuals for him, which you can purchase on Amazon: Celestial Navigation by Dominique Prinet. I am now in the process of editing his Coastal Navigation books which will be released soon.

Shelley and I are both racing in the winter sailing series around Vancouver on alternating weekends; someone has to look after the kids! I am doing the Snowflake series, where I’m foredeck on Hurricane. And Shelley is doing the Polar Bear series on Thursday’s Child, where she is killing it in the pit. It looks like they are going to win their division handily. We are also signed up for Southern Straits, which is a notoriously challenging overnight race (every few years there are big winds and many boats need to be rescued) which happens over Easter weekend. We will be on separate boats and luckily we’ll be in different divisions so I don’t have to feel bad when they beat us!

Another big thing that happened is that we sold our beloved Catalina 27 Lanikai. After our 2 week cruise last August, which was a blast and may post about later, we all agreed that it was getting crowded with all four of us on board. Our kids aren’t getting any smaller. So in October we finally said goodbye to her and handed the keys over to her new owner. It was a sad day. The good news is that we managed to sell her for only  a few hundred less than what we bought her for, which is why we bought a Cat 27 in the first place as they hold their value well (as long as you take care of them). Also we managed to recoup a bunch of pre-paid moorage which was a bonus.

Saying “Goodbye” to Lanikai

We are now in the process of purchasing our new boat which will be the one we will take on our trip. Our initial offer has been accepted so it’s now a matter of doing a sea trial, mechanical, deck and hull surveys and she’ll be ours! We will fill in more details after everything is settled.

So all in all things are progressing well. Once we get our boat we will begin doing the necessary upgrades.


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