Divide and Conquer

This goal of ours to sail off into the great blue yonder is a lofty one to say the least. Some individuals are able to just quit their job, get a boat and sail away and are content to “learn as they go”. This approach is not for us. We are planners and want to prepare ourselves in every way realistically possible before we leave. We do this, first, for the health and safety of our kids (if it was just the two of us, I at least would be more willing to just go) but secondly by preparing we feel we will get more fulfillment out of this adventure rather than frustration as we try to learn and fix things in remote/isolated locations.

However, this means that there are many new skills we need to learn before we feel capable enough to leave. It would be difficult for both Shelley and I to become experts in everything and also I don’t think it is necessary in most circumstances. That said there are some skills that we believe are critical from a safety and practicality aspect that we both must learn. For example, it wouldn’t help much if the ships only “doctor” was the one to get hurt.

This is why we have come up with the following list of each skill we think is required/helpful and the person who will be responsible for knowing it.

Steve Shelley Both
Engine/Mechanical Painting Sailing/Motoring
Rigging Sewing/Canvas Work Docking/Anchoring
Electrics Provisioning/Cooking Navigation
Fiberglass Customs/Logistics VHF/SSB Radio
Plumbing Finances Basic Medicine/First Aid
Carpentry Boat Schooling

It may seem like a typical assignment of “blue and pink” jobs; However, this list was generated based on interest and/or prior knowledge in the subject as well as trying to keep the workload somewhat balanced. Also by no means does it mean that the responsible person will be doing all the work for a given task, it just means that they are responsible for becoming the “expert” and teaching/doling out the work to the others.


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