First Sailing Experiences

We caught the sailing bug while at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico in 2005. We had the opportunity to sail a little Hobie Cat one beautiful Caribbean afternoon. However, the only way we were allowed to sail was to join the regatta the resort hosts each week. We had never sailed before, but we thought “what the heck?” We’d always wanted to try sailing and we didn’t really care if we failed miserably. We ended up winning the quaterfinals, then the semi-finals and ended up coming second overall in the regatta! Steve and I both loved the adrenaline rush we got sailing and overtaking the other boats. The funniest part was after the regatta, the old salt who won came over to us and asked us what kind of boat we have at home. Steve and I looked at each other a smiled because we had never sailed before!

We went home and joined the UBC Sailing Club and took CYA (Canadian Yachting Association) dinghy courses White Sail I and II. That was an experience in itself, with the lessons culminating in a final exam where we had to capsize the little 420 we were learning on. Our boat ended up turtling, and my grip on the daggerboard wasn’t tight enough so I let go and plunk went the daggerboard into the hull. Since I was the one to let go, I was the one to swim underneath the overturned boat and push the daggerboard up while Steve grabbed it from the outside. Luckily, he was able to pull the daggerboard back up, and we let the current help right the boat and finished the course! Phew!

After that, we took a little break from sailing to have our first baby in 2009. Steve took White Sail III during this time, and when our daughter was 2 we both took a 5 day live aboard CYA Basic Skipper Course where we sailed through the Gulf Islands. We bought our Catalina 27, Lanikai later that same year in the summer of 2011 (read about purchasing her and bringing her home here). Since then, we’ve been sailing her around Indian Arm in the Burrard Inlet, English Bay and Howe Sound, and through the Gulf Islands. We would like to get out on her more, but life seems to get in the way with overseas travel for Steve’s job and lots of activities the kids are involved in.

Boating with our daughter, Paige, and her doll
Boating with our daughter, Paige, and her doll

6 thoughts on “First Sailing Experiences

  1. She’s beautiful! What an exciting adventure you are embarking on. Congrats and how exciting that your kiddos will have these amazing experiences at such an early age. (Also a hello from a neighbor to the south in Bellingham)

    – Katie and Mark

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    • Thanks Katie & Mark! We are excited to do lots of sailing this spring and summer…I’m hoping our Pacific Northwest weather cooperates!


  2. It’s too bad you get seasick now Adam or we’d love to take you and the family for a daysail this summer when you’re out this way!


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